The Siberians of Cedarwinds

Siberian Husky



The Siberian Husky originated in Siberia, where they were carefully bred for over 3,000 years by the ancient Chukchis. Although Huskies look very much like wolves, their resemblance is only a reflection of close adaptation to the climatic demands of this breed’s country of origin.

For most people, it’s the Siberian’s glacier-blue eyes that first capture their attention. The breed standard does allow for eyes that are brown, blue or one of each. Particolored eyes are also acceptable.

KEEBLER (stud dog--Ringer & Willow)

 The medium-length double coat of the Siberian consists of a soft, fluffy undercoat covered by coarser, longer hair.  The coat of the Husky rarely emits the doggy odor common to so many other breeds. Huskies live for 15 years or more.  Siberians don't make good guard dogs as they love everyone. They are friendly, outgoing, loving, gentle, and alert.

Is a Husky right for you?  Huskies need to be kept busy, and are extremely social so they do not like to be left alone.  They are happiest with another of their own kind.  They require lots of daily exercise, but should always be kept on a leash, as they love to run. They need to be kept in a strong, secure kennel, that is 6 feet high, with at least 12 inches buried to prevent escaping.







A Husky will shed lots of hair twice a year, so a Husky may not be for you if you or a family member suffers allergies to dog dander. The singing of the Husky is usually music to the ears of the Husky fan, but may not be so pleasant to your neighbor.

These comments are not meant to discourage you from buying a Siberian, but merely to make you aware of what it takes to care for a Husky.  We want to be sure that our pups will be placed in homes that will appreciate them and their beauty for years to come.